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May 6, 2024

Transient house near Baguio country club located in Gibraltar Barangay

Dear Readers!

Are you coming Baguio to attend a seminar near Baguio country club or camp john hay or in Gibraltar? We have transients that are walking distance from Baguio country club and Gibraltar.

if you are looking for transient house near Baguio country club, then we have a great collection of transients for you.

Please noted that, Baguio country club is located in camp john hay area. And Camp john hay is private location. So there will be very few transients that are walking distance to Baguio country club. But we have some transients which are near the Baguio country club.
Our transients are located in Gibraltar Barangay which is close to Baguio country club.

You can either walk to take a taxi to your destination.


Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll through the winding paths of Camp John Hay or opt for a quick taxi ride, reaching your destination from our transient accommodations is convenient and hassle-free. Experience the charm of Baguio and the unparalleled hospitality of Baguio Country Club, with our convenient lodging options awaiting your arrival.”


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